Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Inner workings of my place

So if you know me then you would understand my desire to understand the things around me and that i love to tinker and explore everything.

This bring me to what i found in my apartment...

First the circuit breaker. Yeah i know that it is necessary to have one and that this one is particularity nice to look at but why would you say it is over the main door way. I guess its cool if you need someone to come in and look at it.

In the bath room (yes i know i am weird...) the toilet is something very strange to me. Having worked as a plumbing associate at the Home Depot i know my toilets.
First of all it as a very shallow water depth and very small trap. The entire tank is plastic and is connected at the bottom with a plastic (pvc?) pipe system, down into the bowl. Inside the tank has 2 major parts, the fill valve and what looks like a flush valve. The fill valve works similar to one that you would find in America but does not have a float. The flush valve is like nothing i have seen before. It kind of reminds me of a coke bottle with the bottom cut off. (Thicker of course) that covers the hole in the bottom with what seams to be no seals or washers. No handle no chain to fix (I just think it was kind of cool.)

This is the showers hot water heater. I know it was common in Europe and in some other country's, but to have this type of thing in the United States is almost unheard of for some reason. (I think there cool)
About 30 minuets before you take a shower you flip a switch that turns on the hot water. The main reason for this is hot water and that it saves energy by not having to keep the water hot all day. Especially when you do not using the shower all day.
For me its a little weird that it is in the shower with me and that it stands on the shower wall. It is set at a weird height that makes it a "bump-in head experience".

I think that it is not something that would please people because they have to wait to take a shower, when they want it now!

When it comes to hot water now why not get an instant hot water heater for your kitchen sink. Very how water when you want it with no excessive water storage or wasted energy.

Home away from home

So after my arrival we ventured out around and found my apartment. As you can see i was a little scared at the entrance of the place. I walked up the 4 flights of stairs with my luggage and found my door "room 17". After learning how to open the door i walked inside to find a very nice apartment.

The first thing was the kitchen, it was nice and clean and white. I found my bed room, put my stuff down and then started to explore. The rest of the place.

The bathroom to the Living room, every familiar but at the same time a little different from what I am use to. From all the appliances being electric to the look and flow of the place.
Another thing that was a little weird was the warnings that the city turns off the water and sometimes the power in some areas at night to conserve. Luckily I don't lose my power but i do lose my water at night around 11pm.
All and all my apartment is very nice and I could not ask for more.