Friday, December 3, 2010


American University in Kosovo
Founded in 2002 by the donations of
the people of Kisovo, through
the Union Fund for the
Reconstruction of Kosova (UFORK)
Dr Bujar Bukoshi, Chairman
and with the strong support of the
Government of Kosovo
Dr Bajram Rexhepi, Prime Minister
This Campus generously donated by
the Municipality of Prishtina, 2004
Buildings renovated through a gift from
Mr Behgjet Pacolli, President

My experience at The American University in Kosovo (AUK) has so far been a pleasant one. All the students, faculty and staff have been very friendly and for the most part have all spoken English. Any that could not speak English either tried their best of found someone that could, to translate for them.

In my short time here (6 days)I have learned quite a bit about their culture and the way of life around here. People seem to love Americans and will gladly help out if they can (I think partially due to how much help the US has given in the past but I am still trying to understand.)

Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to sit and talk with Dr. Chris Hall (President of AUK). Aside from our conversation about bring a piece of the Innovation Center to Kosovo and the current projects that are taking place next week with the visiting RIT students (my self included).

I asked him "What would you tell someone that is interested in studying at the AUK, or even someone that doesn't know a thing about Kosovo?"
His response and one of the best I have heard was something like,
Kosovo is a place that you can experience a rich European culture as well as have the opportunity to safely learn about the after effects of war and see first hand a rebuilding country. He also when into how RIT students will grow and learn to be great people that will end up contributing a lot. Here in Kosovo, especially at AUK, students are growing and learning to be the future to this new country.

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  1. I'm sure you'll have such an amazing experience while you're there Andrew, I can't wait to hear more about what you're up to. Thanks for posting again! xoxoxo